Proof of Identity – If Drivers License ID Was Not Issued More Than 6 Months Ago

Please Read Carefully

If you do not have a current, valid drivers license, with a photo, issued more than 6 months ago then you must prove your identity by following the steps below. Even if your license was renewed in the same state within the last 6 months you should still follow the instructions below. The government may delay the processing of your application if you do not follow the steps below. If the government feels you have not provided satisfactory ID your passport could be delayed. All ID issues for passport applicants are treated on a case by case basis by the government. Even if you follow our guidelines here the passport agency may still request additional ID information and may not issue you a passport!

1) Submit scans or even originals of at least 6-10 documents from the list below. This list is does not exhaust all the possibilities but should give you an idea of what is acceptable. The passport agency is looking for official/public records showing the use of your current name. Records with photos and signatures are the best. These records should include some which are 1-5 years back and some dating back more than 5 years. At least one form of current ID preferably a State ID, temporary drivers license, military id, or drivers license issued in the last 6 months should be copied and sent.

  • Employment ID cards and or records
  • Federal, state, or municipal identification card.
  • Student ID card
  • Driver’s license (valid or expired) or a suspension notice.
  • Military records (DD-214)
  • Selective service registration / classification
  • Union membership card
  • Professional license (nurse, beautician, pilot, mechanic, etc.)
  • Physicians or immunization records.
  • Medicare/health insurance card.
  • Welfare card.
  • Marriage certificates and licenses/ divorce decrees.
  • School transcripts.
  • Insurance record.
  • Expired passport.
  • Hospital birth certificate.
  • Baptismal certificate, or other religious records.
  • Voter’s registration card.
  • Newspaper articles.
  • Publicity features.
  • Children’s birth certificates with parents name.
  • Mortgage, lease, or rental agreement.
  • Parents or siblings’ birth or death certificates.

2. As further proof of your identity, you should also bring an adult US citizen to the post office or court house who will identify you . The Identifying witness must:

  • Have a Valid Drivers License
  • Sign an affidavit (or DSP-71 form) confirming your identity.
  • Have known you for a significant period of time (5 years or more).
  • Blood relatives are preferable.

Additional ID information listed in items 1-2 should be sent with your application.

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